Solar Panels

Disneyland Paris is proud to announce that it is building one of the largest solar canopy plants in all of Europe!

The solar plant will be developed in collaboration with Urbasolar. It will technically result in enough renewable clean energy to power 17% of the resort – equivalent to the annual energy consumption of a small city!

The project is another step in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and part of a global effort to our long-term goals. In total, it will encompass 17 hectares (42 acres) of solar canopies, using 67,500 solar panels for a production of 31 gigawatt-hours per year.

Still, did you know that Disneyland Paris Parks and the Disneyland Hotel are already fed by geothermal energy? Villages Nature Paris is now using naturally occurring underground heat and steam. It will help cover heating needs for the resort’s hot water and heating system?

The first commercial sand-based thermal energy storage system in the world. Polar Night Energy’s system, based on its patented technology, has gone online on the site of a power plant operated by utility Vatajankoski. 

The system can discharge a maximum of 100kW of heat power.

Has a total energy capacity of 8MWh, equating to up to 80 hours’ storage duration. Finland want to scale the system to one a thousand times bigger, or 8GWh.

This innovation is a part of the smart and green energy transition. According to the developers, heat storages can significantly help to increase intermittent renewables in the electrical grid. At the same time we can prime the waste heat to usable level to heat a city. 

Vatajankoski also uses the heat provided by the storage to prime the waste heat recovered from their data servers so that it can also be fed into the district heating network. 

It is the second major thermal storage facility based on a unique technological solution that has progressed this week.

Swedish public utility Vattenfall is about to start filling a 200MW-rated thermal energy storage facility, effectively a giant water tank, in Berlin.

Why have supermarkets been so slow to act –

For most people, a trip to the shops is about picking up the weekly groceries. Customers rarely a concern for the huge amount of power needed to keep the building running and the food fresh.

As electricity bills rise, shop owners are keen to cut costs where they can. This is why we’d recommend solar panels for all supermarkets. Solar panels are the future to save money on energy and provide some energy independence.

How much energy do supermarkets need?

  • Supermarkets are energy intensive businesses.
  • Food retailers account for 3% of the UK’s electricity consumption.
  • Supermarkets spend an average 1.6% of their net sales on energy bills each year.
  • Electricity consumption varies from around 700 kWh/m2 in hypermarkets to 2,000 kWh/m2 in convenience stores.
  • The average supermarket uses 8,385 GWh of electricity per year.

What is all this energy used for?

  • 60% of power is used in refrigeration.
  • 20% is used for lighting, 
  • The remaining is used for ventilation, hot food etc.

Solar is great for supplying the store’s electricity demand.  Spirit can help on the lighting front, replacing all your lights with LED equivalents at no upfront cost.

Why is solar right for supermarkets?

Supermarkets have many attributes that make them prime candidates to benefit from the solar revolution:
large rooftops to house a powerful PV system;  long term premises; direct relationship with ever more environmentally conscious customers; electricity consumption likely to rise with EV charging…

Many big supermarket chains are embracing solar power. Tesco aims to generate 10% of its energy demand on site by 2030. Aldi has rolled out solar panels across over 240 of its UK stores.

What of other supermarkets?

Most likely they are too busy pleasing shareholders. Not really willing to invest in their communities and help to bring down our reliance on gas and hence the cost of fuel. I have boycotted Sainsbury’s as they do not pay their staff enough and they have too many diesel delivery vans polluting our streets. Come on Supermarkets! Cover your massive warehouses with solar panels. You can put them on your hypermarket sites and cover your carparks like Disney.

As you all know EVERY LITTLE HELPS! Just look at Disneyland Paris

A story by Michael Fitzalan

Michael Fitzalan’s first novel gained cult status and here are some others: Waterwitch was a hit with those who have ever sailed; two brothers battle storms and Spanish support for the Malvinas in an attempt to meet up with their girlfriends in Ibiza. They have to get from The Algarve to Ibiza, all very straightforward until engine failure and storms threaten to sink all their plans. The Taint Gallery tells the story of a modern Romeo and Juliet; the story is set in Cheslea and Fulham, not Verona, nevertheless, it is a doomed relationship. The book was shunned by big publishers for its highly charged and graphic sexual content and the small publisher who produced the book folded, copies are rare. A reprint is planned for its twentieth anniversary next year; it is still as pertinent and shocking today as it was back in 1996. Switch is an amazing mixture of Franz Kafka realism yet it reads like a Raymond Chandler thriller. Joe Ederer falls for a French girl but he is recovering from being dumped by his English girlfriend. A fish out of water in London, he chases her home only to be rejected. He hooks up with a suffocating drug addict and that is when his nightmares begin. Major Bruton’s Safari is the story of innocents abroad; a family invited to celebrate the coronation of the Kabaka of Buganda become indoctrinated into the ways of Africa. With an acerbic observer on hand, the family experience the warmth and ways of Uganda that help them to understand themselves a little better. IPG – Innocent Proven Guilty is about a teacher, Philip Hayward whose brother sold their shared flat and ran off to America with the proceeds. Philip bumps into his brother’s ex-girlfriend and she tells him his brother is back. Racing to the address she gave him, he arrives to find his brother with a knife in his back. As he leaves, his shoes leave bloody footprints and the police come looking for him. Carom – Finn McHugh and his team take on a swindler and smuggler, Didier, who is depraved in so many ways. They know he is smuggling art and drugs; he must be stopped before others take him out. The Cubans, want him dead, Finn wants to break the smuggling ring. Who will win? Remember the Fifth November – Guy Fawkes was innocent, Catesby was a broken man who brought his children up in the Anglican faith, yet Robert Cecil arranged for them to be portrayed as terrible villains. With a spy service second to none and with moles everywhere how could someone hatch a plot like this and fail to be discovered? The answer, they could not. Read the truth! One – Bullying does not go on anymore in schools. I would not bet on it. Weep as you read the terrible story of a school bully and the misery he dispenses to all the boys. Then, cheer as one of his victims takes revenge. Take a trip to a prep school in a time when kids built tree houses, danced and swung on Tarzan ropes!

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