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This is an excerpt form my latest book that blasts business practices from the 80s still used today and this Blog from Michael Fitzalan Books: ‘The Accountant and his comeuppance’ is an extract from a book that does to accounting what Animal Farm did for Communism.


Fall by Michael Fitzalan

As she is abducted and taken across the border, a scientist reflects on how she ended up in such a precarious position. Working at one of the world’s leading biological research institutes seemed like a dream job. Her mentor, Professor Akshay Gupta has discovered a secret that in the wrong hands could result in millions of deaths. Someone wants the secret and he has to be protected. When those going after him realise that she knows the secret, too, her life is turned upside down and she has to use all her wit and intelligence to keep one step ahead of the others. Andy, Hardeep and Linda help her to prevent the secret falling into the wrong hands. Interest becomes a flood of unwanted attention and she has to use every ounce of initiative to escape and preserve humankind.

Michael Fitzalan LowSq

Is now the time for us to disown our diesel driving friends?

The power and torque produced by the methane engine are comparable to those of a standard production T6 tractor.
This means that the T6 Methane Power responds in exactly the same way and enables you to complete the same tasks as before, just more sustainably and with a reduced operating cost.

The T6 Methane Power features an all-new NEF 6.7L engine specifically developed for agricultural applications by FPT Industrial, a leader in natural gas powertrain technology, with over 20 years’ experience and 50,000 natural gas engines produced to date.
Methane and biomethane are incredibly clean burning fuels, with up to 80% lower polluting emission than diesel. As such there is a reduced requirement for after treatment: less polluting exhaust gases are produced so less ‘cleaning’ is required. A simple 3-way catalyst is used which is a light and compact solution that is package under the engine hood.
In applications where a constant PTO speed is required, Engine Speed Management ensures the selected speed is accurately maintained under changing loads; it’s also perfect for maintaining a fixed forward speed in difficult terrain.

Michael Fitzalan Head and shoulder shot.

Meet Me Later by Michael Fitzalan – the author tries to stop a crime by his younger self.

Everyone works from home, so we do not hang around after the session, chatting. We just thank Martha, promise to see each other next week and put away the equipment. Cycling back to the house, I shower and prepare for the evening sessions of tutoring English for entrance examinations, eleven-plus and thirteen-plus as well as GCSE. I have at least one tutee at their home, and I try to cycle there even if in a cloudburst. Eating a late lunch of avocado and brown bread, I mark, send emails and choose comprehensions for us to examine, explore and answer or come up with story titles for us to write. My favourite is ‘The Fence’. I have been sitting on it all my life.

It is my day off so I work on my other play for the rest of the day.

I am writing a play dedicated to Niko Louvros who was a shining beacon of humanity and humility.


It’s about an immigrant family who have made good in the UK, I have not decided whether they are Bangladeshi, Ghanian Indian, Jamaican, Kenyan, Malay, Nigerian, Hong Kong Chinese or Irish.

Anyway, the daughter is somewhere between Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil. However, she wants the government and the civil servants replaced by a citizen’s assembly made up or representatives from the 133 councils in England, supplemented by representatives from each of the professions and all the services, such as postal, rail and maritime, farming, fishing and technology.

It’s a screenplay.

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