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Finnian Fitzpatrick has been writing since 1992 and three of his books were published: The Taint Gallery (1996), Switch (2000) and Waterwitch (1998) but they are all out of Print

The Taint Gallery is the story of two normal people who allow passion to destroy their peace and tranquillity. This is an explicit portrayal of a deteriorating relationships.

Switch is a dark thriller; Chandler meets Fifty Shades of Grey – a nightmare comes true!

Waterwitch, a sailing adventure: two brothers sailing a boat around the Mediterranean during the Falklands War, resulting in disastrous consequences.

Innocent Proven Guilty is a thriller on the lines of The 39 Steps. A teacher discovers his brother dead in a pool of blood; he wants to find the murderer, but he has left his footprints behind.

Seveny Seven is a ‘Punk Portrait’ The story of growing up in London during the punk era, a whimsical autobiography that explodes the myth that ‘Punk’ was an angry working-class movement.

Carom is a thriller about an art theft and drug smuggling. Finn McHugh and his team pursue Didier Pourchaire, a vicious art thief. The action moves between London, Paris, Helsinki and St Petersburg. Everyone wants to catch the villain resulting in a messy bagatelle. Carom is an Indian board game.

Ad Bec is a dish best eaten cold; a schoolboy takes revenge on a bully. Stephen is a late arrival at a prep school in the depths of Shropshire. He is challenged to do a ‘tunnel dare’ by the school bully. When the tunnel collapses on the bully, Stephen has to solve the dilemma: tell no one and be free or rescue the bully.

The story is set in a seventies progressive preparatory school.

Remember the Fifth is the true story of Guy Fawkes; it shows how Robert Cecil tried to destroy all opposition to his power and make himself the hero of the hour.

2029 is an adventure and love story, set in a dystopian England on the anniversary of the Wall Street Crash where England has suffered from a virulent virus, a recession and smugglers have taken over much of England. Aubrey East goes for a swim with Freddie Lawless and when he drowns, Aubrey is accused of his murder. He must fight to win his love but first he must fight to clear his name.

The Clapham Common Caper, set in 1959, is the story of a courageous doctor, Nora Josephine Murphy who discovers a suicide was in fact murder. With the help of Richard Regan, she fights to destroy the gang behind this and other heinous crimes.

Karoly’s Hungarian Tragedy is Michael’s first departure into historical biography. This is the story of Karoly Ellenbacher taken into captivity and used as a human shield by Romanian soldiers during the war; arrested during the communist era and sent down a coal mine, he escaped to England in 1956. His story of survival is barely credible.

Michael Fitzalan has written four plays:  Veni, Vidi, Vicky: a story of a failed love affair.

George and the Dragon: a painter discovers a cache of bonds and sovereigns in a cellar, not knowing that it belongs to a vicious gang. Thankfully his niece’s friend is a star lawyer and can help him return the money before it is too late… or can she?

Symposium for Severine is a modern version of Plato’s Symposium but with women the philosophers instead of men.

Superstar is a play that sees Thomas Dowting meeting Jesus in the temple, travelling to Angel to meet his girlfriend Gabrielle. They convince Thomas to volunteer for work abroad. moves in with Gabrielle. have been turned into scripts.

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